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Here at BALPA we believe in giving young people as many opportunities as possible.  As well as attending classes, young people can volunteer to help at our classes (subject to availability and a brief application).  The opportunities we have on offer are detailed below.  With all of these, the young person can start at the level suitable for them and doesn’t need to have completed the prior levels.  


Arts Awards

These are for young people who are interested in the performing arts and want to explore them further.  The bronze, silver and gold categories encompass participation in an artform, as well as  volunteering in our classes and activity days.

Explore – age 8+

Bronze – age 12+

Silver – age 14*+

Gold – age 16*+ (this carries 16 UCAS points)


*It is possible to start these awards at a younger age, depending on child’s capabilities.

Dance/Sport Community Leadership Awards

Through our dance classes and volunteering opportunities, we can help young people to work towards their Level 1 (age 12+) or Level 2 (age 13+) Community Dance Leaders Award.  A lot of the Dance Leaders Award criteria fits nicely with the Arts Awards above,  so the young people can count their work towards both awards.  Young people can also access the Community Sports Leaders Award by combining our fitness classes with volunteering.

South Gloucestershire Community Volunteering Awards & ASDAN* Awards

South Gloucestershire Council have developed their own South Glos Youth Awards and again these can be completed with volunteering and other skills hours used for the above qualifications.  They also certify ASDAN awards which we can offer in Creative Arts, Volunteering, Expressive Arts or Sports and Fitness.  

* (ASDAN is an education charity and awarding organisation providing courses, accredited curriculum programmes and regulated qualifications, helping young people achieve meaningful learning outcomes, elevating them to progress to further education, training or work, and empowering them to take control of their lives.)

We believe our pupils can be the teachers and mentors of the future and we want to offer these to every student who wishes to participate in them.  We help mentor the students through the awards and provide workbooks and other materials necessary.


We keep fees to the above to an absolute minimum (£10 - £50) and have bursary funding available to help low-income families.  These awards are all subsidised by funding we raise.


Interested?  Email for more details.

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