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Dance Classes

Street Dance

Classes are aimed at ages 2-18 years old and are a great way to get energised to popular kids’ songs. Many different forms of street dance are covered in this class such as: Hip-hop, house, commercial and freestyle! Children will gain an understanding of the basic social grooves and techniques, which are then incorporated into show routines. This is a very popular and fun class and a great way to build confidence. You can book in using the links below:


Pre-School Street Age 2 - 4 click here.

Street Dance Fun Age 4 - Y3 click here.

Street Dance Juniors Age 4 - Y1 click here.

Street Dance Intermediates Y2 - Y4 click here.

Street Dance Pre-Seniors Y5 - Y7 click here.

Street Dance Seniors Y8 - Y13 click here



Lyrical Dance

This class is aimed at ages 4-16 years. Lyrical combines the foundations of ballet and modern dance, focusing on expression and storytelling through dance movement and connecting with the lyrics of a song. Classes consist of technical exercises and inspiring dance routines. We incorporate the use of props and improvisation to help encourage children’s creativity. You can book in using the links below:

Lyrical Dance Juniors YR - Y5 click here.

Lyrical Dance Seniors Y6 - Y11 click here.





Adult Dance

Here at BALPA, we now offer adult dance classes. If you're looking for a way to keep fit, have fun and make friends then this is for you! Our adult dance classes offer a mixture of styles from street to disco, musical theatre and more. Our classes have been in such demand that we have now added in an extra class this term. If the classes happen to be full,  there is a waiting list available so don't miss out. You can book in using the link below:


Adult Dance Thursday class click here.

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